fiber loft
Fiber Loft

Special selections from our fiber loft to help inspire your next project!

  • snowy owl kit
    Looking for some fun DIY kits from the farm and our sheep?...
  • fiber loft
    Beautiful yarns, perfect for your next project! Wool, alpaca, cotton, and novelty...
  • roving
    Looking to source our wool roving for felting or spinning? Here's your...
  • tapestry combs
    Getting ready for a project but need some supplies? This is your...
  • sheepskin pom
    Make your next project extra special with these select, handmade accessories.
  • floral tote
    Colorful, fun totes made by Julie Vanbeek. Beautiful cotton prints, stiffened well...
  • knit cowl pattern
    Knit and crochet patterns to kick off your next project!
  • using felting needle
    Interested in accessing Laura's Erindale Tapestry Studio fiber arts tutorials? Have plenty...


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