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Beautifully designed and crafted art, wearables, project kits, and gifts hand selected from Farmstead Creamery’s offerings–artful, tasty, or cozy items or groupings bring the Farmstead Experience home or to loved ones or friends.

  • fjord horse kit
    Looking for the perfect gift for the creative type? These lovely kits...
  • moonlit shawl
    Beautifully handcrafted and designed art and wearables from Laura's studio
  • cowl
    Beautifully created and unique wearables and gifts made by Ann (Mom), many...
  • holiday beef box
    Specially curated offerings from Farmstead that are great for housewarming or gifting!...
  • animals bag
    Hand made by Julie Vanbeek, these are the perfect gift for the...
  • jumbo fluffy pelt
    Celebrating the beauty and comfort of our sheep, nurtured with stewardship on...
  • wine stopper twist
    Beautifully crafted, hand-turned wood pens, letter openers, wine stoppers, and more
  • Laura with harp
    Tunes and songs for you to enjoy and download, recorded right here...
  • lotions
    Personal care should be fun and special! Delight with these soaps, lotions,...


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