Contribute Toward Deliveries!


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We are committed to bringing high integrity products and services to you that support our vision of a Healthy Planet and All Its Inhabitants.

Over the years, many of our clients and members have remarked “Oh , I wish you were closer to us !” In response,  we have invested in a delivery van and spend many hours per month bringing these wonderful goods to you and the greater community.

Our prices do not reflect the cost of operation of our delivery services. It is both an honor and privilege to grow, nurture, procure and provide safe and wonderful foods that you can trust and products that nurture creativity and health.  We are committed to working together with you to meet your needs and to reach out to those who are in need.

If you have the means to contribute to the operation, maintenance and support of this outreach, please consider adding to your order a contribution to this heartfelt initiative.

You will find a contribution product with a $50 unit price in the list on this page.  Know that your generous contributions toward this service will help sustain our delivery service  as we work hard to serve you ! Thanks so much.  Ann, Laura Kara and Steve


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