Give The Gift of Enjoying the Little Moments

It’s Fika time!  Fika (fee-kah) is a beloved tradition in Sweden to stop mid-day for “coffee and a little something.”  The fika experience is just as fun with a favorite tea or hot chocolate.  Our Farmstead Creamery’s “Fika Stop” has become a popular place to swing by and snag your favorite drink and a treat.  Now you can bring that experience home or gift to a loved one.  Make this box extra special for you or loved ones through the customization selections available.  Fika time!

Share the Joys of Fika

No need for the formalities of an English High Tea, Fika is about being in the moment, enjoying the little pleasures of a hot beverage, a tasty treat, and good company.  Take a break from the hectic fervor of the day to sip and muse, chat with friends or family, and unwind for a bit.  Who wouldn’t want to take a daily break for fika?  We look forward to our fika time on the farm, checking in with each other and sharing stories or a good chuckle.

This particular gift box is designed to help bring that Farmstead-style fika experience home.  That’s why we’ve taken one of our favorite Farmstead recipes and turned it into a mix, just for you!  Customizations below allow you to pick out the perfect drink (or more than on!).  In fact, each piece of the gift box is added individually, so use the tabs below and pick at least one item per category to build the perfect fika experience.

fika book
The Little Book of Fika

The Little Book of Fika

If you find yourself wondering “What is Fika?” or want to share the magic of fika with others, this book is an essential part of this gift box!  

A delightful read by Lynda Balslev, food travel and cookbook author.  Discover the uplifting daily ritual of the Swedish coffee break.

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fika coffee
Fika Coffee Ground
fika coffee
Fika Coffee Whole Bean
chai teachai tea
Chai Tea
hot cocoa mix
Farmstead Hot Cocoa Mix

Choose Your Favorite Fika Drink!

These cozy selections make a great pairing for this gift box. 

Choose your favorite (or more than one if you like), then hover over the image and add it to your cart.

farmstead mugmug side
Farmstead Mug

Grab the Perfect Mug!

Add a special Farmstead touch to Fika Time, with a delightful mug.

Perfect sized to fit the large Clever Dripper for coffee or your favorite bag of tea, or hot chocolate.  12 oz. size.

To add this to the gift box, hover over the image and add it to your cart.  If you would like to include more than one, you can add multiples as desired.

apple cake mix
Farmstead Apple Cake Mix

Select Your Cake Mix

Ready to bring home the Farmstead experience?  This easy-to-make Farmstead Fika Stop classic is perfect!  

All you need are eggs, milk, apples, and oil. 25 oz. package.  Sized for a 9×9 inch pan.
Ingredients: Spelt flour,sugar, brown sugar, chocolate chips, walnuts, cinnamon, baking soda.

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