The Story in the Image, Sept 10-24


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What makes a design compelling, engaging, and interesting?  What is it about certain designs or pieces of art that stick with you or leave you wanting more?  You may be surprised to know that it’s often the story interwoven into the images that captures our hearts and imaginations.  But how can you work stories into images?  In this module (Laura’s personal favorite wheelhouse) we’ll deep dive into exactly that, taking your designing skills to a whole new dimension.  You already know Laura loves to tell stories, now get an insider’s view into the many ways narrative can be woven in imagery.

We will meet via Zoom on Sundays September 10, 17, and 24 from 10am to noon CST.

This class is inspired by Laura’s practice in the mediums of drawing, tapestry weaving, punch needle rug hooking, painting with wool needle felting, and more.  If you are keen to continue the journey of being a designer, all mediums are welcome.  No previous experience necessary.

Students will be working in their design journal for the exercises, though all manner of additional journals and sketch books are welcome.  A collection of essays, examples, and exercises will be offered as a digital download for students, in addition to the Zoom time.

Suggested Additional Materials:

  • Implements for cutting, such as a scissors or craft knife.  You will be collecting images, so have a way to snip them out.
  • Devices or adhering, such as double-stick tape, staples, or glue.  You’ll want to save what you are collecting, adding it your design journal.
  • Tools for writing and journaling.  You’ll be asked to work through the stories in your designs, fleshing them out and giving them life.  This is sooooo helpful to do on the page, not just in your head.
  • Pieces from your stash, including drawings, photos, yarn, magazine clippings, greeting cards, etc.  You’ve already kept these things because they spoke to you, so now it’s time to mine them.

Course Outline 

This course can be self-paced, and students are welcome to embark on as much making as desired.  The idea is that you’ll be actively working through the material, individualized to your interests and medium(s).  Here are notes on how the Zoom sessions will be paced.

Session 1:  Meet and greet.  Mastering Your Story.  What is the story you are telling in your design, who is the protagonist, and why is it important to tell this story at this time?  How might drawing upon shared symbols or common narratives (as well as pushing against them) change how viewers perceive your piece?  Images can have layered meanings, so let’s dive in!

Session 2:  Progress report.  Drawing the Viewer Into Your World.  Tips, tricks, and examples for making a piece feel alive, such as capturing movement, breaking the 4th wall, and encouraging the viewer to imagine deeply.

Session 3:  Progress report.  Engaging an Active Viewer.  How do you want the viewer to be changed/made aware/or feel in response to your piece?  Ways to use humor, participation, or an insider’s view to create designs that are compelling and engaging.

Please make sure the email you use during the checkout is the email you’d prefer Laura uses for class communications.  This is the email that will receive the digital download of the photo essay Laura’s creating, as well as your Zoom link before the first class.  Thank you, and happy creating!

Erindale Tapestry Studio Presents

Laura Berlage

Fiber Artist /Educator