Tapestry Weaving Kit, Canyon Rim Zippered Bag, L1


Looking for a skill builder after completing Laura’s “Introduction to Tapestry Weaving” course? This project is excellent for students who have completed Level 1, while still being a very enjoyable project for more advanced students as well. Select Erindale Tapestry Studio weaving tutorials from Level 1 will be important resources for this project to review techniques. If you have not participated in Laura Berlage’s tapestry course, please reach out to see if this is a good project kit for you.

This kit offers great practice for weaving angles or “hills and valleys” well as keeping your sides nice and straight. This project is designed to be made on an 18×18 inch frame loom (the same as in the classes) and is woven as a single piece that is folded in half. The kit comes with a PDF digital download essay of process photographs and descriptions that walk you through starting, weaving, and finishing your piece. This will be sent to the email that you use in the checkout.

The physical part of the kit includes the colorful weft wool (from our sheep!), the canvass zippered bag that becomes the lining, and the full-scale paper cartoon. If this part of the kit needs to be shipped to you, shipping options are available in the checkout process. This kit does not include the warp (#10 cotton crochet thread recommended), loom, or hand tools (available separately). You will also want a needle and black thread and either fabric clips or clothes pins to complete the piece.

Finished dimensions for the zippered bag is 9×6 inches. The tapestry when laid flat before becoming a bag is 9×11 inches. The kit makes one bag.

Happy weaving!

Erindale Tapestry Studio Presents

Laura Berlage

Fiber Artist /Educator