Take-and-Bake Shepherd's Pie, Single Serving, Frozen


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Ready to take home and bake for a hot, home-cooked meal. Topped with homemade mashed potatoes. Serves 1. Comes frozen.

Ingredients: potatoes, lamb, carrots, onions, beef broth powder (corn syrup solids, dehydrated onions, salt, autolyzed yeast extract [natural flavor, salt, yeast extract, sunflower oil], dehydrated garlic, celery seed) olive oil, butter, garlic, spelt flour, tomato, worchestershire sauce (distilled white vinegar, molasses, sugar, water, salt onion, anchovies, garlic, cloves, tamarind extract, natural flavorings, chili pepper extract), black pepper, salt, thyme, sage, rosemary, parsley, cumin, red pepper.


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