sunshine squash
Sunshine Squash, Mini Pair, NSHF


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From our garden! Ripe, cute, and great when you want to fix a smaller amount of squash for a meal. Prepare just like a buttercup squash. Comes as 2 small squashes.

North Star Homestead Farms Presents

Our Garden Produce: Cultivated for Goodness

Harvesting Field Crops
Ann Berlage, MD. Raising high integrity field crops by hand in support of a healthy planet and all its inhabitants
Fresh from the garden
Raised for you with no pesticides or chemical treatments, fertilized with multi-species compost from our regenerative, sustainable farm
High integrity, Beyond Organic
Hand planted and tended with loving care, our field crops are nurtured until perfectly developed and ready to be harvested
Our high tunnels extend the growing season
Early crops at North Star Homestead Farms get a head start in our high tunnels which add weeks to the outdoor growing season and allow starts when snow is still on the ground outside !
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Our Garden Produce: Cultivated for Goodness

Roughly five acres of our homestead farm is dedicated to gardens and orchards–from season extending high tunnels to raised beds and rows.  Embracing biodynamic practices of mulching, square foot gardening, integrated compost layering, and rotations of certain crops with our heritage Kunekune pig paddocks, our hand cultivated gardens are a laborious but vibrant part of our farm’s diverse ecosystem.  Varieties are chosen for flavor, color, and northern heartiness–celebrating the diversity that can thrive with proper care.  We start many of the spring seedlings in our house, so these plants are part of the family.  Enjoy the bounty, flavor, and health from our gardens to your table.