Purple Peacock Shawl


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Cozy up with a hint of glamour with this soft and lightly shimmery shawl. The open work allows the beauty of your outfit to shine through as well. Comes with a beautiful hand-crafted wooden shawl pin.

Hand crocheted as a scalloped semi-circle, the design grows out to the edges like the fan of a peacock’s tail. The variety of yarn textures used adds hints of different shades of purple and mauve, glint or softness. Curl up or twirl, whichever best suits your special evening!

Shawl radius at tip of feather pattern: 40 inches
Shawl radius at base of feather pattern: 32 inches

Made with wool (some from our sheep!), acrylic, mohair, and novelty yarns. Hand wash only, lay flat to dry, do not wring.

Erindale Tapestry Studio Presents

Laura Berlage

Fiber Artist /Educator