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Twice a month with your pickup we’ll also include a premium bakery treat! Ease up from the hassle of trying to remember to place special orders with each pickups, then missing the deadline. This way, you can pre-book your deliciousness and feel secure knowing that it’s coming with your veggies–yay!

Love Kara’s homemade breads, and want to make sure you take home a fresh loaf with your pickup? This is the share add-on for you!

Since 2014, our bakery has used healthy, ancient grains, which allows our products to be free of the toxicity of chemically intense industrial grain farming practices and the altered genetics of modern wheat. Over our years of crafting baked goods using ancient grains like einkorn and spelt, we’ve helped so many gluten-intolerant clients enjoy baked goods again without adverse reaction. While not appropriate for those with true Celiac disease, ancient grains are much healthier than the highly processed “gluten free” substitutes often on the market. Also, diabetic clients have noticed lower glycemic spikes when consuming ancient grains rather than hybridized wheat or gluten free products.

Our baking uses an old-fashioned approach, where everything is from scratch and prepared with specially crafted recipes (many of which take years to refine) by Chef Kara. Small batch, seasonal, and artisan, our farm’s baking offers real flavor and no preservatives, additives, or dough conditioners. Being able to offer this value-added feature includes maintaining licensing and inspections, and as members of our farm, supporting this piece is critical to maintaining the array of healthy, nutritious offerings we create. This add-on allows you to bring some of that goodness home, broadening the diversity of your share experience.

If you pick up weekly or would like to receive more than one selection per pickup (currently sized for a family of two), you are welcome to select multiples of this add-on.