Needle Felted Medium-Sized Miniature of Your Dog with Fur


Made to order, please allow one week for completion

Love the idea of a needle felted miniature of your dog, but want something that’s more of a bookcase or office desk-sized companion? This size is about twice as large as the ornament-sized offering and stand approximately 5 inches tall. The larger size means Laura can add more personalizing details to the fuzzy likeness of your fur friend. For this one, you can submit fur (soft underfur works best) that will be added to the outside of your mini dog.

Laura will need photos of the doggie model, so she will be in touch for details about your order. Please allow a week for her to create a miniature, stylized likeness of your pet. Backlog of this particular offering is possible. She will be able to give you a better time estimate upon order placement. If you are under a time constraint, please put this in your order notes.

Erindale Tapestry Studio Presents

Laura Berlage

Fiber Artist /Educator