Mr. Rooster Punch Needle Tapestry


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From Laura’s studio
Technique/materials: Punch Needle Rug Hooking, cotton “monk’s cloth” backing, punched with wool yarn, many from our sheep!
Height: 29 Width: 18.5: Depth: 1.5 inches
Fully mounted with dowel, ready for hanging.

There’s a special dance roosters perform when they’ve found a “goody” in the barnyard, clucking and prancing in a tight circle while dropping one wing. The hens come running, and he stands back to let them enjoy all the treats while he watches proudly. Of course, he expects to be noticed for this chivalrous deed–look how handsome he is!

I love raising chickens on our farm, and working this punch needle tapestry with our own wool yarns brings the beauty of our animals all together in a room-warming piece that is fun to touch as well.

I started by drafting and drawing out the design on paper, transferring it then to the monk’s cloth backing using our farm’s bakery case as a handy light table. This backing is then stretched tightly over the loom frame (shown above with the padded cover to keep the tension-providing barbs from poking my wrist). The backing should feel like a drum head when fully mounted. This high tension allows the punch needle to glide through the backing with minimal effort.

Once the piece is finished, the extra backing is stitched back and creates the pocked for the hanging dowel. I also quilt muslin to the back to help protect the wool from moths and increase its longevity for your enjoyment in years to come.

Erindale Tapestry Studio Presents

Laura Berlage

Fiber Artist /Educator