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Meat Lover’s Share, September


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This bundle is like inviting yourself to a tasting party at the farm, only you get to be the chef! Packed with a unique theme each month, the meat share is 15-20 lbs. of pork, beef, lamb, fish, and poultry (when available). Farm’s choice for selections, which means you get to try fun and new offerings! Be adventuresome, knowing that everything packed in the share is from our farm or partner farms, is nitrate, nitrite, and MSG free, and comes from happy animals that lived natural, outdoor lives on pasture (well, except the tilapia, they got to live in their spa tanks in our aquaponics greenhouse). Meat shares enjoy greater variety of types of cuts than store sales, so adding this to your CSA experience gives you an insider’s perk as well as a reduced price rate. It’s a win-win if you love our meats!