Give The Gift Of Coziness With This Customizable Gift Box!

Hygge is a Danish tradition (now beloved across the world) of coziness, especially in the winter months.  Curl up by the fire with a warm drink, handcrafts, and a good book, and let it snow!  Make this box extra special for you or loved ones through the customization selections available.  It’s cozy season!

Share the Coziness with this Delightful Gift Box

Hygge (hoo-gah) is a feeling.  You’re comfy, there’s no hurry, and it matters not if the wind is howling outside.  In your hygge nook, your world is warm and safe, and there are many simple pleasures to savor.  There’s a steaming beverage to sip, a good book to read, and the rhythm of an enjoyable handcraft to infuse creativity and exploration.  Who wouldn’t want to hygge!  Build a customized hygge experience with the selections available below.

This particular gift box is made for weavers (or potential weavers) who’d love a weekend project or explore tapestry.  With the customization options, you get to pick just the right drink and kit for the recipient!  In fact, each piece of the gift box is added individually, so use the tabs below and pick at least one item per category to build the perfect hygge experience.

hygge book
The Little Book of Hygge

The Little Book of Hygge

If you find yourself wondering “What is Hygge?” or want to share the magic of hygge with others, this book is an essential part of this gift box!  

A delightful read by Meik Wiking, CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen, discover the delights of this Danish tradition of coziness.

To add this to the gift box, hover over the image and add it to your cart.  

fika coffee
Fika Coffee Ground
Fika Coffee Whole Bean
chai teachai tea
Chai Tea
hot cocoa mix
Farmstead Hot Cocoa Mix

Choose Your Favorite Hygge Drink!

These cozy selections make a great pairing for this gift box. 

Choose your favorite (or more than one if you like), then hover over the image and add it to your cart.

norse saga kit and tapestrytapestry taster norse
Tapestry Taster Kit, Norse Saga, Novice
tapestry taster jeweljeweled path tapestry
Tapestry Taster Kit, Jeweled Path, Novice

Choose Your Tapestry Kit

Interested in dipping your toes into tapestry weaving?  Have a friend in mind who might love this medium?  Laura’s “Tapestry Taster” kits are an excellent pre-level-1 way to jump in.  These come with an 11×11 inch mini frame loom that is already warped (by Laura)!  Also included are beautiful wool yarns from our sheep and a tatting needle for ease of weaving.  Color instructions come with the kit to carefully explain each of the steps.  You are welcome to follow along with Laura’s design or use your own imagination with the colors.  Great for a wide variety of ages.  All you need is a sharp scissors and a salad fork.

Finished dimensions for the woven tapestry are approximately 6×6 inches. The kit makes one finished tapestry.

Choose your favorite color by hovering over the image of the kit and adding it to your cart.  If you want to make more than one project, you’re welcome to select more than one kit.