Honey Oat Bread, Wed-Thurs


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Kara’s delightfully lofty bread loaf with all ancient grains. Great for sandwiches, French toast, and more!
Ingredients: spelt flour, water, oatmeal, honey, butter, eggs, yeast, salt

North Star Homestead Farms Presents

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Farmstead Bakery: Ancient Grains

Ancient Grains Bakery
Nothing but ancient grains are used in our facility. Our commitment to your health demands only the finest ingredients. The muffins, pies, breads, cookies, cakes and other treats are often tolerated by those with Gluten sensitivities. Requested by many of our members and clients, ordering in advance is required for most items.
Breads !
Artisan breads made only with ancient grains. Just the smell of the fresh loaves makes the car ride home a challenge. Many a loaf is consumed before ever reaching the destination !
Muffins !
Ok, seriously, these muffins require their own class of food. Tens of thousands of these muffins have left our bakery and absolutely none have ever come back. If you think you want 6, order 12. Made fresh for you, so order in advance.
Pies !
These pies have quite a reputation. Members and clients have their favorites which historically tend to be the first pie they ever had from us. We all recommend that you let the chef make whatever she wants to make and surprise you as she knows exactly what ingredients are the best at any given time !
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Ancient Grains Bakery: Tasty, Healthy Choice

Since 2014, we’ve switched our artisan baking to utilizing only healthy, ancient grains like spelt and einkorn.  Modern, hybrid wheat has been heavily modified and does not digest easily.  Ancient grains, which retain their original genetic features, have been enjoyed and cultivated by humans for tens of thousands of years.  Much of the current gluten intolerance is due to modern hybrid wheat and how it is grown.  Ancient grains offer an excellent alternative that is healthier on many levels–both for you and for the planet.  Chef Kara has perfected her recipes to utilize these grains for tasty, Old-World style breads and treats.  Enjoy the benefits and flavor of ancient grains from our bakery.