when there is good to be done
Curtis and Loretta: When There’s Good to Be Done


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Note from Loretta: I have always been drawn to the stories hidden deep inside my fellow man. I wrote each of these songs about real life people who have gone through great challenges in their lives, and come out stronger for the journey. I interviewed each person, crafted their story into song, then get back together with them to polish the edges. If we only search, we find that ordinary people among us often possess extraordinary qualities…

Song and Tune List:

  • When There’s Good to Be Done
  • June on His Mind
  • What Each One Needs
  • On the Day They Said I Do
  • Dragonfly
  • Where the North Wind Blows
  • Give Love a Chance
  • Case 9164
  • The Bridge
  • Habibo
  • I Will Get Home
  • Willmar 8