just my heart for you
Curtis and Loretta: Just My Heart For You


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Notes: Curtis and Loretta are a joy to listen to. their music is inspiring and authentic, and their songwriting combines a reporter’s eye for detail with a poet’s sense of lyricism. While they can sing about something as timely as a headline, there is a timelessness to the things they sing about.

Song and Tune List:

  • Your Direction
  • Just My Heart
  • Somebody I Could Sue
  • Can You Take Me Home?
  • A Health to the Company
  • I Had But Fifty Cents
  • Tum Balalaika
  • Voicemail from Luba
  • Angel of Bergen-Belsen
  • Tell Me Where Can I Go?
  • Harps in Heaven
  • Lutefisk for Supper
  • Banquet Table
  • She Moved Through the Fair
  • Hard Times Come Again No More
  • Ain’t No Bugs on Me