Boneless Leg of Lamb, 6-7 lbs.


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Leg of lamb, deboned and wrapped in mesh netting for easier roasting. Perfect for instant carving from the oven to the table. Exact package sizes will vary, but these will be between 6 and 7 lbs.

North Star Homestead Farms Best Practices

Laura and Kara on pasture

Rotational Grazing: Building Soil and Raising Healthy Animals

Laying Hens
Pasture raised, the laying hens benefit from the rich and diverse ecosystem of our rotationally grazed pasture. Their eggs are high in Omega 3 with a deep yellow yolk. YUM !
Sheep !
Raised on pasture, our flock of over 120 sheep enjoy the process of munching on a lush, diverse mix of grasses and clovers. The superior quality of their meat, milk and wool reflects the high integrity of their lifestyle and diet.
Heritage Meat Chickens
These perky chickens are moved about the pasture to add their contribution to the multi-species fertilization of the fields. Their healthy diet and plenty of exercise make their meat extra tasty and nutritious !
Heritage KuneKune Pigs!
Our New Zealand Heritage KuneKune pigs are hard at work supporting the production of wonderful cross species compost as they grow healthy, strong and tasty outdoors, on pasture. Their long hair helps protect them from the cold winters and their easy disposition make them a joy to care for !
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Rotational Grazing: Building Soil and Raising Healthy Animals

On our farm, we are dedicated to giving the animals in our care happy, vibrant, and natural lives that are harmonious with natural systems. Our use of grass-based, rotational grazing practices employ the many species on our farm to naturally forage while building the organic matter in our fields and breaking up pest cycles.  The arrangement is much like conducting an orchestra, bringing specific animals to specific parts of the farm at certain times for the best utilization of each species’ grazing style.  We select heritage breeds of sheep, pigs, and poultry for their heartiness and natural grazing abilities.  Enjoy the flavor and nutritional quality from this method, knowing the animals and the land in our care enjoy these practices too.