A2 2% Milk, Half Gallon


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A2A2 2& milk by The A2 Milk Company from Colorado. rBst free, certified welfare farm, vitamin A and D3 fortified. Comes as a half gallon carton.

A2A2 milk relates to the type of casein (protein) in milk. In recent studies, A1 milk (predominantly produced by Holstein and Holstein-cross cows) has been show to cause increased digestive distress and responses similar to lactose intolerance. A2 casein (found predominantly in non-Holstein cows), in these studies, did not produce these adverse reactions. Sheep, goats, and people naturally produce A2 casein proteins.

North Star Homestead Farms Partner Farms

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Partner Farms: Bringing the Network to You

Strawberries !!
Supporting family farms in areas better suited to specific crops is both an honor and a privilege. Relationships of integrity are nurtured and endure for years. This family saves the "Jewel" variety for us because we love their sweetness and texture !
This partner farm is located in Bayfield where blueberries around here grow the best ! Many years of supporting their family business has allowed us to bring our members and clients the finest blueberries in the state !
Keeping it Local !
When we find local providers that resonate with our ethos and raise their crops with integrity, we like to include the bounty from their harvest so that they can continue to thrive and provide for many years to come.
Expanding our Network
To add diversity to your table, we also source harder to find items by reaching out to the greater community of trustworthy growers and Co-Ops to supply delicious items that add to the variety and diversity of our offerings.
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Partner Farms: Bringing the Network to You

While there is a tremendous variety of deliciousness we grow, raise, and create right here on our farm, we know that we can’t do it all.  Part of our vision for a healthy planet an all its inhabitants is to foster a healthy and vibrant network of growers and producers who are also on the journey of stewardship and regenerative practices.  So, to augment and add thoughtful variety, we network with local, sustainably-minded small farms (many of which we’ve had relationships with for over 20 years), plus Bayfield Food Producer’s Co-op (WI) and Co-op Partners Warehouse (MN) to source additional high integrity and Organic foods and ingredients.  We make careful choices about what to add to our product offerings, so you have the best selection of high integrity foods.  Enjoy the bounty of our network!