A2 2% Chocolate Milk, Half Gallon


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A2A2 2& milk by The A2 Milk Company from Colorado. rBst free, certified welfare farm, vitamin A and D3 fortified. Comes as a half gallon carton.

Ingredients: reduced fat milk, sugar, Dutch processed cocoa (processed with alkali), salt, gellan gum, carob gum, natural flavor, vitamin A, vitamin D3

A2A2 milk relates to the type of casein (protein) in milk. In recent studies, A1 milk (predominantly produced by Holstein and Holstein-cross cows) has been show to cause increased digestive distress and responses similar to lactose intolerance. A2 casein (found predominantly in non-Holstein cows), in these studies, did not produce these adverse reactions. Sheep, goats, and people naturally produce A2 casein proteins.

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