For over 20 years, North Star Homestead Farms has been reaching into the community and beyond with education, mentoring, community service and high integrity food production. We have worked with the health care community, private individuals and educational institutions reaching deep into our own resources in both time and money to bring all the elements of a working sustainable life model to bear on those who can benefit most. Our outreach touches over 2000 people per month from all economic strata and provides a much needed source for high integrity foods in these challenging times. There are many needs that are more extensive than our individual resources can satisfy, but together we can manifest more than we ever could alone ! That is why NSHF exists as a true social entrepreneurship, where you can play an integral part in bringing this important support to the community at large!

We invite you to Join us in our vision of a “Healthy planet and all its Inhabitants” and become a partner in our Outreach Program by contributing to our Pay It Forward fund ! All monies contributed to the fund will be used to support providing the same High Integrity products and services that you enjoy to those who are in need. Share your desire to encourage others toward stronger immune systems and the longest possible health span as the best defense against the onslaught of high risk, low integrity foods. Your generosity is so deeply appreciated and helps reduce the immunity suppressing physical and emotional stress and strain of the challenges that people of limited means face. Remember the difficult times you have overcome in your life and sleep well knowing that we have worked together to make a difference in others lives as we Pay It Forward !