Hi Kraig:

Thanks for your efforts to evaluate the location of the utilities leading to our property. The owner of the property at the corner of the access easement is seeking to move the access easement further away from her house (A portion of her house as well as the associated septic system are currently within the boundaries of the existing access easement) so that her house is compliant and so that she can get a land use permit to continue to build further. She has built an access road which she would like to have become the “access easement” for us to use to get to our property which you will see when you go to the property. However, moving the “access easement” to that location will leave the utilities unprotected as zoning documents do not define a “right of way easement” to protect the utilities and the access required to maintain them. When I called Jump River, the person I spoke with told me that Jump River would seek to establish a documented “right of way easement” from mallard lane all the way through the McIntosh property and the Wisconsin DNR land to the transformer on our property to protect the utilities going forward. We appreciate your efforts toward accomplishing this before we agree to moving the access easement to the proposed location.


When I spoke with your office, they recommended that we send you some pictures associated with the utility easement you are investigating. (without the snow) The utilities were marked (by diggers hotline) in august of last year and we have these photos which may be helpful. I have also included a copy of a survey showing the existing “access easement”, septic system and proposed “access easement” location on the McIntosh property.

We have marked on the survey, the identified location of the utility lines as per the evaluation from the “diggers hotline” evaluation. We have more pictures of the marked locations through the DNR property to the transformer if they would be helpful.


Thanks again, we look forward to hearing from you as to the results of the investigation. Let us know if we can help.

All the best

Ann Berlage and Steve Barnes



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Picture 1

Survey marking location of where the following pictures were taken(green dots) and where the diggers hotline inspector marked the utility line (grey line between dots)

Picture 2

Location of transformer on Mallard Lane

Picture 3

Looking North, from Mallard Lane, down the easement. Tape measure is measuring 15 feet East of the utility mark.

Picture 4

Looking South, up the easement, toward Mallard Lane, tape measure showing 15 feet East of the utility mark

Picture 5

Looking south from the junction of the current easement and the proposed access easement

Picture 6

Looking south, from the DNR property toward the junction shown in picture 5