Summer Season Farm Memberships 2022

Time to Reserve Your Share in the Bounty

Our program stretches beyond even a traditional CSA model to a space where your farmer is your ally for health and wellness.

North Star Homestead Farms. Our Vision: A Healthy Planet and All Its Inhabitants.

Ann in garden

Over the past couple of years, so much has been in flux and transition–but one thing that has not changed is the importance of sourcing the best of fresh, local, and bio-secure foods for you and your family. At North Star Homestead Farms (NSHF), our focus is being that source for our member families.

We want you to know that the foods we raise are high integrity, trustworthy, delicious, nutritious, and grown with stewardship practices that are healing and regenerating the earth that we tend. This is food that nourishes not only the body but also offers a statement of how right-practices in soulful farming can transform the landscape for health and renewal. Our member families are key benefactors of this living statement as well as the focus group of our efforts. We care personally about our member families, building meaningful relationship and transparency within our community. This membership opportunity is for people who believe in our farm’s unique vision and who want to have its bounty at their kitchen table.

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