hygge tapestry

Hygge and the Practice of Restfulness

Early morning winter light in soft hues of slate gray and hints of blue illuminates the stoic darkness of the pines and highlights the contrasting ...
red ranger chickens

Poultry Tetris

“How many birds do we have on the farm right now?” I wondered aloud at the breakfast table the other morning.  Late June is when we’re at our peak ...

Independence Day

This week, as we mark the anniversary of signing our nation’s Declaration of Independence from Great Britain (though I believe King George didn’t g...

Food As Medicine

NSHF-Farm Trucks

Farm Trucks

Gotta love ‘em, gotta have ‘em, even when they’re somehow in the repair shop every other week.  They’re dusty, rusty, chronically have manure somew...

A2 beta-casein?

The category of proteins called casein accounts for 80% of all the protein in cow milk, whey proteins comprising the other 20%.  Beta-casein makes ...