Prayer Shawl Ministry

We’re now hosting a monthly Prayer Shawl gathering at Farmstead Creamery on the first Thursday of the month from 4 to 7 pm, October through April.  Come anytime during the gathering that works for you.  Everyone is welcome, from any denomination or background.  Here are some more details about the project and its process:

We’ll gather for prayer and dedication, as well as a chance to learn about the prayer shawl practice and share works-in-progress (or start new ones!).  Inspirational patterns available for both knit and crocheted shawls. Please bring your own hooks or needles.  If you have yarns you would like to use, bring them too!  Some donated yarns available.  All wool yarns at Farmstead Creamery 20% off for prayer shawl projects.  Yarn weight and color consultation readily available.  New or rusty to crochet or knit?  The Farmstead team is happy to help you get started or through a tricky spot.  All skill levels are welcome.

Open House Prayer Shawl Invitation. 

The first Thursday gatherings are a great time to jump in and join the prayer shawl team, but it’s impossible to pick a date or time that works for everyone who may be interested.  We welcome you to stop by Farmstead Creamery anytime during open hours to check out patterns, discuss process, share works in progress or the excitement of completing a piece, or just for camaraderie while working.  There’s a comfy sofa set in the loft (as well as plenty of other places to hang out) for curling up with your project and enjoying a cup of tea.  Consider it your prayer shawl refuge whenever you need it!

Donations of yarn (of all types), knitting needles, crochet hooks, pattern books, charms, and brown paper or gift bags to present the finished shawls would be greatly appreciated.  All donations will be stored at Farmstead Creamery and be accessible to anyone participating in the prayer shawl group.  Bins for storing shawl yarn are also a great donation.  Not sure what to do with Grandma’s old stash of yarn in the closet?  Help someone make a beautiful gift of unconditional love.  Or, even better, learn how to make one yourself!

Key to the Prayer Shawl Process—Start with the Person. 

Everyone is or has gone through hardships or pain or loss or betrayal or sickness worthy of receiving a prayer shawl.  But it’s not about making a bunch of shawls and giving them away.  This is about God calling each of us to reach out in this act of unconditional love to a specific person—even if it’s a person we barely know.  Crocheting or knitting a shawl takes time, attention, and care, thus making a unique space in our often-busy lives to focus our thoughts and heart on the desire that this person might find hope, love, peace, trust, and health again.  This becomes a powerful act of channeling God’s love through us into a visual and textural gift the recipient can wrap about their shoulders and soak in that unconditional love.  The prayer shawl can become a powerful tool and symbol to aid their recovery.