Fresh From the Farm Meals

It's great to have a place to come for breakfast or lunch and have a real, honest meal, made from scratch in small batches with fresh and local ingredients.  It's also great to know that most of those ingredients were grown or raised by the hands preparing the food!    That's the kind of simple-yet-flavorful meals we prepare here at Farmstead, in enjoyable portions, with a menu changing sometimes daily dependent on what is in season.

There are always vegetarian options on our breakfast and lunch menus, and we are happy to accommodate vegans and other dietary restrictions and allergies to the best of our abilities.  With an experienced family physician on our team, we pay careful attention to crafting meals that foster wellness as well as enjoyment.

Sample Menu

While features change seasonally and daily, here are some of our favorites to entice your appetite! These choices may or may not be available during your visit, but you are always welcome to contact us about the day's features. Most features come with one or two choices of sides, including a variety of salads, a cup of soup, sausages, a muffin, or other seasonal additions.

Veggie and Cheese Omelet
Bismark Deluxe (puffy crepe filled with fruit, yogurt, and drizzled with honey)
Stuffed French Toast
Multi-Grain Pancakes
Open-Faced California (focaccia with fried egg, avocado, kale, and cheese)
Chef Salad
Pesto Grilled Cheese
Mediterranean Meltdown (grilled cheese with tomato and Kalamata olives)
Ham and Fig Melt
Cornish Pasties
Bowl of Soup