Quality Breeding Stock for Your Farm

Whether you're just getting started with raising livestock or want to augment your existing herd our flock, North Star Homestead Farms offers quality, unique genetics and breeds raised with care and given a great start. 

Our lambs are raised with their mothers (unusual for a dairy sheep operation), enjoying the best nutrition and healthy immune system from their natural mother's milk and grass finished.  Our heritage pigs are also raised with their mothers, farrowed in a barn (not a crate), and raised out on pasture.

Dairy Sheep

Our unique, 18-year cross-breeding program seeks to bring out the best of heritage breeds for easy births, good mothering, nice wool, and a reasonable carcass yield, they're smaller than classic meat breeds of sheep. It also offers a different set of genetics than most dairy flocks, with heartier health and multiple births.  Our current focus is on adding genetics that are compatible with off-season breeding and fall lambing. 


Kunekune Pigs

Quirky and smaller than standard hogs (and made famous by their appearance in "The Hobbit"), Kunekunes are a heritage breed originating in New Zealand. With their short snout, they are excellent grazers and require very little grain. Sows and boars are both quite amicable and require no crating for farrowing.  Currently we are interested in selling Kunekune pigs to small farms interested in breeding stock rather than feeder pigs.