Quality Lambs for sale from Our Farm

At North Star Homestead Farms, we take pride in raising vigorous, healthy lambs that grow up to have good mothering instinct, easy births, well-shaped udders, and effective grazing qualities, as well as good carcass traits and fleece weights. We lamb in April to take advantage of the spring grass, and our lambs stay with the ewes at least 30 days for an excellent start. Contact us for more information.

Dorset-Dairy Cross

Sired by Vernon, our Dorset-Dairy Cross ram, these lambs are taller with a good carcass and white or speckled faces. East Fresian and Lacone dairy genetics contribute to improved milk production, however we have found that, in our northern climate, having a lower percentage of these breeds allows for good milk traits without compromising hardiness.

Clun Forest Cross

Sired by our ram Prince, Clun Forest cross lambs have a stockier frame, short legs, and thicker necks.  Very hearty with wider hips for easier births, these Welsh genetics have helped to keep our sheep's frame compact and meatier than most dairy flocks.  Faces and legs can be dark or speckled, with white fleeces.

Finnsheep Cross

Sired by Veli, our purebred Finnsheep ram, these lambs have a finer frame, gentler personality, and grow a higher quality hand-spinner’s fleece. Finnsheep are known for birthing and raising multiple lambs, which demonstrates their milking abilities. These lambs are social and easier to handle.

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