Celebrity Animals: Ambassadors of the Farm

Each summer, we select members of our livestock team to join us outside Farmstead Creamery as celebrities.  In 2016, Kunekune pigs Wilbur and Gilbert were the welcoming committee and eager pizza crust devouring squad.  Runts of their litters, they were raised with special care and were very friendly, offering visitors a chance to learn more about this unique heritage breed.

Meet the Animals and Learn More

Ready for action by Memorial Weekend, our celebrity animals offer visitors a chance to meet the unique types of livestock we raise without disturbing the flocks or herds on our working farm, many of whom are busy producing eggs or raising their young.  

If you are hoping to share a farm animal experience with youngsters, visiting our celebrity animals is a great way to have a moment with friendly critters.

For folks interested in delving deeper into our farm's practices, check out our Sustainabile Life Educational Events, which include a full farm tour, lunch, and round table discussion with members of our team.