Farmstead Creamery Chooses Local

Farmstead is dedicated to choosing local and regional, high-integrity businesses and organizations when doing our business.  In the spirit of cooperating towards common goals, rather than competition, we hope to encourage sustainable community development by fostering relationships where we do make a difference--at the local level.

Some of Our Current Business Partners:

Blackberry Ridge Woolen Mill
Brighten Electric
Chequamegon Area Mountain Bike Association
Crescent Meats
Do-it-Best Hardware
Ewetopia Fiber Mill
Fika Coffee Co.
Hayward Area Chamber of Commerce
Lake Chippewa Resort Association
Maina Hardwoods
Mother Earth News
Nelson and Pade, Inc.
NorthLakes Community Clinic
Northland College
Sawyer County Gazette
Sawyer Co. Record
Spooner Advocate
Venison Creek Construction
Vortanz Lumber
Whiskey Ridge

Also see our Partner Farms list for grower/suppliers in our provider network.