Our Aquaponics Production System

North Star Homestead Aquaponics

In our state of the art, pathogen free and bio-secure greenhouse, a symbiotic dance between tilapia and vegetables known as aquaponics brings our growing abilities to a new level. An all-natural based system developed by Nelson & Pade, Inc. was customized, expanded and refined over the past five years by our team.

As one of our continuous improvement initiatives, Northstar Homestead Farms has invested in merging the best of aquaculture and hydroponics technology with our in-house expertise in nutrition, wellness, and sustainability in a completely chemical free environment.

Nutrient rich water produced by the fish is cycled to the plants to support growth. In the process of utilizing the Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Nitrates and other trace elements, the plants clean the water, which is cycled back to the fish. These conservation methods actually use up to 90% less water per crop than traditional field horticulture techniques.

Food Security Year-Round


That's right, now you don't have to return to imported, chemicalized produce at the end of the growing season because our aquaponics system is in production all year! Through year-round CSA options or from our farm store, you can always choose local, sustainable, wholesome, and bio-secure food. Tilapia is also harvested throughout the year—totally mercury free! Discover more about our aquaponics system and its offerings, and love your food all year long.